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Minor's Counsel

"Minor's counsel is a neutral voice for the child, without compromising the child's rights, emotional well-being, or forcing the child to side with one parent or the other"

Counsel for MinorsIn most California child custody cases, minors are rarely allowed to testify in court or speak to the judge directly. Because of this fact, the court will appoint minor's counsel to interview the child about their concerns and their custodial preference.

Kermisch & Paletz LLP has attorneys certified to act as minor's counsel in family law actions. Our role is to consider what is in the best interest of the child, while not being bound by emotions that often come with divorce, child abuse, neglect, and other difficult issues often associated with contested child custody or divorce cases.

Although a parent cannot hire Minor's Counsel his or her self, a parent can request that the court do so. There are many reasons why a court might appoint Minor's Counsel and a parent might request Minor's Counsel, including to obtain and present information regarding a child's preferences, to assist in investigation of the case, or to gather necessary facts regarding the child's best interests.